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Problems Solved

Kellogg needs to efficiently and effectively reach and influence thousands of decision makers across a variety of market segments to present their portfolio of more than 1,000 products in order to gain trial and placement in out-of-home environments ranging from K-12 school lunchrooms to convenience stores and commercial restaurants.


Foodservice professionals and business owners don’t have time to surf the net looking for solutions for their operation. They need to quickly find the right mix of products, programs, tools and support that will help them turn heads and profits. And because the needs of every segment and operation is often unique, a one size fits all approach doesn’t cut it.

After surveying more than 1,000 foodservice professionals, we designed and developed to deliver product recommendations, business-building promotions and value-added tools tailored to their business.

The site enables visitors to select their business segment to easily and quickly find the products, promotions and tools they need. In addition to offering a host of relevant merchandising support, promotion programs, nutrition information, recipes and special offers, the site also features interactive planograms and calculators that enable operators to see the profits that they can realize based on variables that they input such as the cost of food and turn rates. Visitors can also register to receive access to other exclusive tools such as an interactive application that enables users to customize their own advertising and promotion materials on the fly.

Visitors can also sign up to receive Kellogg’s K-mail – a monthly e-newsletter that delivers tailored content for their operation so they can stay informed about the latest products, promotions and support that Kellogg offers.  

Results: receives a consistent and high level of returning visitors, above average visitor sessions as well as low bounce rates. Kellogg’s K-mail delivers open and click thru rates well above industry averages for b-to-b e-mail marketing. The site was also recognized by the Web Marketing Association as an outstanding website in the food category.

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